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Heart Attacks, Heart Disease, and Strokes can be expensive. The American Heart Association (2019) says that the medical expenses are the largest expenses during illnesses and what their health insurance doesn’t cover. The heart attack and stroke plans can help you pay for direct medical bills but also indirect costs like living expenses, travel for treatment, and loss of income. **Ask me about the Return of Premium Benefit on this policy.

The American Cancer Society says (Cancer Facts & Figures 2022) Cancer is the second leading cause of death in America. The disease takes a toll not only on the person battling the disease, but also the family members caring for them. Cancer is also an expensive disease and there are some costs and expenses that health insurance does not cover. The supplemental Cancer policy helps pay for indirect costs like transportation and lodging, childcare expenses, and loss of income that tend to outweigh direct costs. **Ask me about the Return of Premium Benefit on this policy.

Finding ourselves in the ICU unit is never planned. Intensive care treatment is often needed during a major illness or accident and can be costly. Some people may reject intensive care medical procedures because it may be expensive. The ICU insurance plans can help relieve some of the financial pressure so focusing on what matters the most and that’s Healing. **Ask me about the Return of Premium Benefit on this policy.
Whether at work, home, school, playing sports, or traveling, none of us can predict when, or if, an accident will occur. We can only prepare for them as best as we can. The accidental plan provides coverage for bodily injuries that can result from accidents on and off the job. If the unexpected does happen, our accidental plans help you focus on what’s most important: and that’s getting well. **Ask me about the Return of Premium Benefit on this policy.

Whether you want a Medicare Advantage plan or a Supplemental plan, you have options to what fits your needs with Medicare.

Maintaining your dental health is important and can possibly prevent certain major health issues in the future. Some dental procedures can be costly, and having a dental plan can help offsets some of the expenses and out-of-pocket costs.
Planning ahead for possible expenses associated with a funeral, memorial service, burial, or cremation can help lift any possible financial stress for family members and those you love.
Protecting your family with an Insurance that pays out a sum of money in the event of death.
A hospital stay can be stressful for both the patient and family, whether planned or unplanned. Trying to sort through deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments can be confusing and may leave you paying more out-of-pocket costs than planned. Hospital Indemnity Insurance helps offset those out-of-pocket costs.

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